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Webkinz Out of World titlecard

Webkinz Out of World Titlecard

Movie №: 2
Airdate: June 3, 2015
Previous: Webkinz the Movie
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  • [Movie starts with the 2013 Paramount Pictures logo. Once it appears, the scene cuts to black and then fades to the ClocksNetwork Movies Logo]
  • [Movie then shows "Paramount Animation and ClocksNetwork Movies Presents:" Logo in bold white letters]
  • [Movie then shows the title in bold white letters]
  • [The Webkinz chant, "All hail the princess!" 7 times]
  • Juliet: Thank you guys, and I love when you come, but it's time for you to leave now. No seriously, leave.
  • Webkin: What? Come on guys, let's go.
  • Juliet: [walks into the queen's room ] Mother, did they really have to leave?
  • Queen: I'm sorry, but they do. Anyway, since it's you 16th birthday today, your father gave you a present. [Gets present] Even though he's gone now, before he passed away, he told me to give you this on your 16th birthday.
  • [chorus plays as Juliet gets the present]
  • Juliet: Mom, it's beautiful.
  • Queen: Put it on.
  • Juliet: [struggles to put the scarf on] It's beautiful. I'll wear it forever, Mom.